Vanessa Valero

My roots are in the South, more precisely Colombia. I begin my creative career in graphic design at Andes University in Bogota and later on I had the opportunity to study a Master on Textile Design at Aalto University in Helsinki.

I had the opportunity to apply for an internship with the Icelandic artist, Sigrun Lara Shanko, designing and hand tufting rugs. This was an exceptional professional experience and inspiring regarding my design. After my internship in Iceland I decided to continue this learning process and incorporate the experience into my designs. Hand tufting gave me an excellent opportunity to use my background as a graphic designer.

 As a Colombian, I cannot escape my roots. This tentative appreciation of the Nordic landscapes clashes with my background. My reference as a designer arises from a different understanding and encounter with nature as my life in Colombia has shaped my relationship with landscape. Where I come from is the opening of this dialogue. This collection of rugs represents the aesthetic point of my inner dialogue throughout this journey.